Outdoor Kitchens


Outdoor Kitchen Creations: Designing Timeless Spaces for Endless Memories

Outdoor Kitchen Elegance: Merging Practicality and Aesthetics, Enhancing Your Outdoor Living Space in Every Detail!

PGT Cabinets is your ultimate source for outdoor kitchen creations. Our objective is to construct an alfresco cooking area that flawlessly embodies your personal flair, guaranteeing it meets all your desires and necessities. At PGT Cabinets, we are devoted to completing a project that not only mesmerizes in appearance but also surpasses in practicality for every individual in your household.

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: A Valuable Enhancement, Crafted Just for You

Upgrading your outdoor kitchen is a significant investment. That’s why partnering with a service provider like PGT Cabinets, known for our expertise and capability in designing your ideal outdoor cooking space customized exclusively for you, is crucial.

Outdoor Kitchens

PGT Cabinets leads the way in outdoor kitchen innovation, understanding that your outdoor cooking area is the heart of your backyard gatherings, where every moment should echo your unique lifestyle. We recognize the deep significance of creating a space that meets your outdoor entertaining needs. After all, an outdoor kitchen that doesn’t cater to your preferences and style could diminish the pleasure of alfresco dining and cooking.

This is exactly why PGT Cabinets invests considerable effort into designing outdoor kitchens that boast elegant stone countertops and durable, weather-resistant cabinets that blend seamlessly with your outdoor ambiance.

Creating the Ideal Outdoor Kitchen for Your Space

Crafting the ideal outdoor kitchen for your space is a vital task that might seem daunting. Outdoor kitchen design should be both practical and visually appealing, elevating the ambiance of your outdoor living area! That’s why at PGT Cabinets, we go above and beyond to guarantee all our clients are delighted and content with their new outdoor cooking oasis.

Outdoor Kitchen Transformation

When dreaming up your ideal outdoor kitchen, the variety of materials and designs available can be vast. Our showroom is stocked with everything you need! With our guidance, we can ensure that your new outdoor kitchen matches your vision perfectly.

We excel in crafting custom outdoor kitchens that range from traditional to contemporary or transitional, incorporating elements from different times and trends to create the perfect seamless space that’s both inviting and stylish!

  • Our outdoor kitchen design team will collaborate with you to determine the layout and style of your new outdoor cooking space. 
  • Our design services offer unique creations that reflect your personal style and preferences. 
  • Throughout each phase of your renovation project, we’ll keep you fully updated.



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