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Outstanding Client Support

PGT Cabinets is dedicated to delivering unparalleled customer service. This entails surpassing every expectation throughout your interaction with us. You can anticipate swift and proficient service, expert guidance on products and solutions, and a seamless selection process.

Kitchen Renovation

PGT Cabinets has stood at the forefront of kitchen renovations for years. Recognizing the kitchen as your home’s core, we understand the importance of tailoring this space to fit your needs perfectly – because if the kitchen doesn’t meet your expectations, home cooking loses its appeal! That’s precisely why PGT Cabinets dedicates extensive effort to crafting our kitchens with top-tier features such as elegant quartz countertops and smooth, soft-close cabinetry.

Bathroom Renovation

You’ve been dreaming about that bathroom renovation for quite some time, and now you’re ready to take the leap. Yet, browsing through options can feel daunting. Then there’s the concern about timelines, permits, and, ultimately, the cost. If these questions have you feeling swamped, reach out to PGT Cabinets today! We’re here to address each concern directly and guide you through every phase of the renovation. By the time we commence, you’ll have full confidence in our expertise to bring your project to completion!

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens elevate your outdoor living space, blending functionality with the art of entertainment. The choice of countertops in your outdoor kitchen not only influences the aesthetics but also the practicality of meal preparation and dining al fresco. With a diverse range of colors, and dimensions available, the possibilities are endless! Allow our expert team at PGT Cabinets to guide you seamlessly through this transformation, offering bespoke service from the initial design to the final installation, ensuring your outdoor kitchen becomes the heart of your backyard oasis.

Custom Closets

Custom closets are a pivotal element of your home’s organization and aesthetic appeal. They can transform a space from cluttered to chic and enhance the functionality of your daily routine. With an array of colors, and configurations available, the customization options are limitless! Allow our adept team at PGT Cabinets to facilitate this upgrade with ease, offering tailored support from conception to completion, emphasizing thoughtful design and meticulous installation.


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