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Top 9 Best Selling Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2023

Top 9 Best Selling Kitchen Cabinet Colors For 2023

At PGT Cabinets, specialists in cabinet installation throughout Tampa and Wesley Chapel, we’re committed to helping you select kitchen cabinet colors that are not just fashionable but also have a timeless appeal. Working with renowned manufacturers like Fabuwood, we bring you 2023’s most sought-after color trends, perfect for any kitchen design within the Tampa Bay area.

2023’s Top Trending Cabinet Colors:

  1. Natural Tones

  2. Mushroom and Taupe

  3. Deep Blue

  4. White

  5. Hunter Green

  6. Sage Green

  7. Earth Tones

  8. Pitch Black

  9. Dusty Pink

Natural Tones

The popular natural wood tone cabinet is a fresh take on classic wood cabinets. Galaxy Timber’s natural finish gives off a warm and comforting feel, while showing off the wood’s beautiful grain. With its sleek and modern look, yet still feeling homey and inviting, Timber is a top pick for updated natural finishes.


Two-tone Ideas for Natural Tones

Two-tone kitchens are a long-lasting trend that embrace contrast and forgo uniformity.

 Pair natural tones with:
· Frost
· Indigo
· Kona
· Espresso

Natural doesn’t have to be boring. Consider these options for a beautifully neutral kitchen design.

Mushroom and Taupe


Mushroom and taupe are the new neutrals, offering a modern twist on the classic beige. The Dove and Linen shades bring a fresh, refined look that’s perfect for any kitchen, whether it’s modern, traditional, or somewhere in between. Choose from stylish cabinet options like Luna, Imperio, Fusion Dove, and Galaxy Linen to tap into this contemporary trend.

Two-tone Ideas for Mushroom and Taupe

When pairing colors with mushroom and taupe, it’s key to choose the right match for the best look. Combine mushroom and taupe with Nickel for a sophisticated blend. The sleek grey of Nickel complements mushroom and taupe beautifully, giving your kitchen an elegant touch.

Deep Blue

Indigo, often called the new black, brings elegance and sophistication to any kitchen, especially when paired with striking hardware. This deep blue shade adds a vibrant pop of color, explaining its popularity. Indigo’s depth and vibrancy are rooted in its rich history, once a coveted and luxurious dye in Europe, made from plant extracts. For a touch of this trend, consider the Luna Indigo and Galaxy Indigo cabinets.

Two-tone Ideas for Deep Blue

There are several color options that highlight Indigo cabinets very well. Pair Indigo cabinets with:

· Oyster
· Dove
· Nickel
· Kona
· Java
· Mist

No matter your style, you are sure to find a two-tone color pairing if you’re considering Indigo.

Clean, Neutral White


White kitchen cabinets have remained a favorite for more than fifty years for good reason! They bring a light and fresh atmosphere to any space, ensuring that this trend in white cabinetry continues to stand the test of time. We offer a range of door styles, such as Galaxy, Nexus, Hallmark, Metro, and Discovery, all available in our clean and crisp white Frost shade.

Two-tone Ideas for White Cabinets

Consider Frost cabinets as the foundation for the picture-perfect two-tone kitchen. Pair Frost with:
· Indigo
· Timber
When paired with another complementary color, Frost cabinets will always look crisp, clean, and fresh.

Hunter Green


Hunter Green’s deep and vibrant color brings a sense of richness and sophistication, transforming any kitchen into a bold and unique space. Coupling it with quartz countertops enhances its classy appearance, and when matched with warm wood tones, it adds a rich, natural feel throughout the kitchen.

Two-tone Ideas for Hunter Green

When pairing a two-tone color with Hunter Green, remember to choose a hue with a complementary undertone so they don’t overpower one another. Pair Hunter Green with:

· Indigo
· Stone
· Kona
· Timber
· Cobblestone
· Cloud White
· Pitch Black
· Sage green

Sage Green


Sage Green is a gentle, soothing green tone. It can complement many kitchen styles like bohemian or minimalist designs.

Two-tone Ideas for Sage Green

Make the most of Sage Green’s soft and relaxed tone with the perfect two-tone combination. Pair Sage Green with:

· Frost
· Dove
· Nickel
· Hunter Green

Sage Green is an unexpectedly popular hue that can transform the kitchen into the ultimate oasis when paired with these beautiful colors.

Earthy Tones


Warm shades of brown, grey, green, and beige bring earthy hues into the kitchen, setting a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. These colors create a space that feels comforting and restorative, truly making the kitchen the heart of the home. Cabinet styles like Luna Luna Kona and Fusion Kona enhance the natural wood grain with their beautiful earthy tones. Onyx Cobblestone and Galaxy Cobblestone blend brown and grey for a soothing, rich earthy look.

Two-tone Ideas for Earthy Tones

Cabinets in earthy tones capture the essence of nature’s simplicity. Combine these earthy shades with Galaxy Frost for a striking contrast. The dark, rich earth tones paired with the lighter Frost create a harmonious balance, allowing the natural beauty of the earthy


Pitch Black


Pitch Black is one of the most popular colors that lends a minimalist and modern vibe to the kitchen. A strong and classic choice, Pitch Black never gets old, especially when paired with other classic colors.

Two-tone Ideas for Pitch Black

Black cabinets make a bold statement, especially when styled correctly. Pair Pitch Black cabinets with:

· Frost
· Indigo
· Hunter Green
· Galaxy Timber

Don’t be shy when pairing Pitch Black with other colors. Two-tone kitchens featuring Pitch Black make a bold statement in the best possible way.

Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink is a surprising color that has gained popularity recently thanks to its muted and refined color palette. It radiates warmth and softness for a perfectly soothing kitchen aesthetic.

Two-tone Ideas for Dusty Pink

Pink doesn’t have to be bright and overpowering. Dusty pink is the ideal understated hue to incorporate in a two-tone kitchen. Pair dusty pink with:

· Linen
· Nickel


Here are some quick tips to kickstart your kitchen makeover:

  • Begin by looking at inspirational kitchen photos to figure out which style catches your eye.
  • Decide on the finish for your cabinets – glossy, matte, or satin.
  • Narrow down your choices for countertops and backsplashes to ensure they complement your cabinet color.
  • Pick out a few hardware samples to see what matches best with your chosen cabinets.
  • Get some paint samples and try them out with your chosen counter, backsplash, floor, and hardware in natural light at various times to see how they look together.

Trending Kitchen Hardware and Countertop Choices:

Remember, the right hardware is crucial for tying your kitchen design together. Depending on your chosen cabinet color and style, there are a variety of trending hardware and countertop options to enhance your kitchen’s look:

  • Brass hardware is currently the most popular choice. Its warm, yet luxurious look, especially in brushed or unlacquered finishes, pairs well with colors like Indigo and Hunter Green.
  • Move away from outdated oil-rubbed bronze and consider polished nickel for a contemporary and popular look.
  • Matte black hardware remains a stylish option, perfect for kitchens with transitional, industrial, or modern themes.
  • Quartz countertops are leading the trend for their clean and elegant appearance. For an even more upscale look, consider quartzite or marble.
  • As minimalism begins to fade, maximalism is taking the spotlight with its rich, vibrant colors. Matching your hardware to this trend can amplify the effect.

Opting for these trending colors and finishes will ensure your kitchen is both modern and timeless. They transform the space into something both elegant and enduring. For more on two-tone kitchen designs, check out our latest article.

Let us know which trending color you’re excited to try in your kitchen!

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