Cambria: Committed to Eco-Friendly Excellence


PGT Cabinets is your go-to choice for all your remodeling projects with a focus on sustainability.


Cambria prides itself on a legacy of conscientious and sustainable business conduct, integrating green practices into everyday activities, such as ensuring recycling measures for product lifecycle completion.

The Brand is Committed to Supreme Quality and Sustainability

PGT Cabinets is proud to feature Cambria, a brand that embodies sustainability at its core. Their dedication to ethical, eco-conscious, and sustainable practices shines through in every aspect of their operation. Cambria champions the pursuit of environmental excellence because it aligns with their fundamental belief in doing what’s best for both humanity and our planet. Furthermore, Cambria actively engages in eco-friendly community initiatives, offering workshops aimed at fostering sustainable living spaces. At the heart of Cambria’s philosophy is a commitment to leveraging only natural, sustainably sourced materials in their products, ensuring nothing is used unless it meets stringent sustainability criteria.

Cambria: The Epitome of Durability, Heat Resistance, and Low Maintenance

Navigating the myriad of countertop options for your home can feel daunting. With a vast selection available, pinpointing the perfect choice might seem elusive! However, quartz stands out as a leading choice for countertops due to its remarkable durability, superior heat resistance, and simplicity in upkeep. Quartz emerges as an elite selection, particularly for its robust nature. This resilience ensures that worries over stains or scratches become a thing of the past with quartz surfaces in your home. Furthermore, its nonporous quality makes cleanup a breeze, a boon for any spill or mess. Cambria excels in offering an extensive palette of colors and designs, catering flawlessly to the diverse preferences of our clientele.

Tailor Your Surfaces with PGT Cabinets’ Cambria Collection: An Array of Designs and Hues

PGT Cabinets is deeply rooted in sustainable practices, embodying far more than just a slogan—it’s our guiding principle and the blueprint for our future endeavors. Our Cambria Quartz Selection is designed to enlighten consumers on the importance of sustainability, empowering them with the knowledge needed for conscientious purchases. PGT Cabinets specializes in crafting quartz surfaces, with our Cambria Quartz offerings being meticulously formed from both post-consumer waste (PCW) and pre-consumer debris (PCD), showcasing our commitment to environmental responsibility.


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