Medallion Cabinetry: Exquisite Craftsmanship at Great Value


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Many hesitate to explore cabinetry due to uncertainties about the right tools and materials needed, which is precisely why Medallion Cabinetry emphasizes approachability. PGT Cabinets wants to offer peace of mind! Medallion Cabinetry is committed to making sure everyone can obtain elegant, affordably priced kitchen cabinets. Medallion insists that exquisite design is attainable for all, offering durable, high-quality products that also enhance the functionality and flow of every space.

Introducing Sustainable Elegance in Cabinetry

Does “woodworking” evoke thoughts of complexity, high costs, and extensive time commitments? Medallion Cabinetry with PGT Cabinets aims to transform this perception. We offer premium kitchen cabinetry at a value that respects your budget. Our belief is firmly rooted in the power of exceptional design to enhance lives, providing aesthetically pleasing, robust, and fashionable solutions crafted from materials sourced with an eye toward sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Setting the Benchmark with Medallion Cabinetry

Durability isn’t always immediately apparent, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets. It’s crucial to be informed about their finish – including aspects like color retention, low emission of volatile organic compounds, resistance to fading under light, and resilience against moisture. At Medallion Cabinetry, we prioritize these qualities, ensuring our finishes undergo rigorous testing for color steadfastness, environmental friendliness, light durability, and water resistance as part of our commitment to the standards. Our cabinets are independently assessed by a certified laboratory to meet or exceed the stringent criteria, affirming our place within this esteemed organization.

Elevate Your Kitchen: Sustainable Choices Await

When planning a kitchen update, cabinetry might not always be at the forefront of considerations, overshadowed by style preferences and budget constraints. However, one crucial aspect often missed is the long-term value of investing in superior cabinetry. That’s where Medallion Cabinetry steps in, streamlining the selection of your ideal kitchen with a variety of sustainable options.


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